R3 Corda is Ready to Go DeFi with XDC Digital Asset

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R3 Corda joining DeFi

R3 Corda-based blockchain is about to enter DeFi producing XDC crypto tokens on its protocol. The virtual asset will help to access different DeFi apps working on Corda’s distributed ledger technology.

The Cordite Society, a collaborative listed in the U.K., issued the XDC digital asset on public Corda, the publicly available variant of R3’s platform. Cordite Team will be striking the first series of its 1M XDC. Its fellowship is now public who can poll on the rank of the amount of XDC and other details of management.

Talking about the asset, Cordite CEO Richard Crook mentioned that it's a venture on its own. The asset is launched as a trade means to Cordite Society members, and as it’s struck or built, will be equally shared between the involved society participants.

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Any node in R3 Corda is a licensed object, verified by a reliable identity document and corresponding to FATF criteria. Richard Crook also says that its XDC key can be used for central bank digital assets to operate on Corda at the same time enabling towards an ethical development of the DeFi industry.