Russia wants to create a blockchain system of remote voting

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Russia blockchain voting

Blockchain technology has proven its reliability by the example of cryptocurrencies, and therefore, on its basis, you can create a remote voting system. This was stated by Russian State Duma deputy Anton Gorelkin.

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On Wednesday, May 13, the State Duma adopted amendments to legislation allowing remote voting at the federal level.

“Why not to try to make the system itself based on the blockchain. This would be a real success for our hi-tech and, possibly, a model for the whole world,” Gorelkin wrote in his Telegram channel.

He is sure that in Russia there are enough competent specialists to create such a system. As a confirmation of his words, Gorelkin said that several well-known blockchain platforms were created by immigrants from the Russian Federation, mentioning the still-unblocked blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON) and Ethereum.

“Of the most famous blockchain platforms, two - TON and Ethereum were created by our compatriots. Their knowledge comes from Russia. And here, in Russia, they have not disappeared anywhere,” he told TASS.