SEC plans to acquire tools for analyzing smart contracts

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission plans to acquire tools for analyzing smart contracts.

On July 30, the regulator announced its intention to conclude a contract for the purchase of "tools for analyzing smart contracts in a distributed ledger." The SEC announced its interest in observing smart contracts in blockchains, based on which DeFi products are developed.

The Commission is looking for a tool that can determine: the purpose of the contract, the type of token, restrictions on buying and selling, white and blacklists of addresses. It is desirable that the tool "includes the ability to analyze smart contracts for security issues." A comparative analysis of various smart contracts will also be a plus.

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Software developers can suggest their offers to the SEC by 13 August.

Last week it was revealed that the SEC is planning to enter into a contract with blockchain analyst company CipherTrace to better understand Binance Coin (BNB) and tokens on the Binance Chain blockchain.