Some users faced withdrawal daily limitations on Coinbase

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Coinbase headquarter

The well-known American crypto exchange Coinbase doesn't allow some users to withdraw over $10 per day. A Reddit user, a Coinbase client, said that for some customers, the platform set a daily withdrawal border of $10. A user with the nickname Unholy_Crab1 insists that his applications for increasing withdrawal limits have been rejected by the exchange.

The post has already collected dozens of comments, most of which express uncertainty about the quality of the exchange's services. Some users believe that Coinbase will establish comparable limitations on a wider scale if cryptocurrency prices reach significant levels. Others have proposed that a daily withdrawal boundary of $10 is a “sign of a scam.” Some users remarked that this exchange is "nearly the exclusive chance for American citizens to buy and sell crypto."

So far, Coinbase hasn't provided an official comment on this issue.

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Headquarter of the exchange is in San Francisco, and its services are accessible in over 100 countries.

Recently, Coinbase’s CEO, Rachel Nelson, together with Ripple’s spokesman Bryan Madigan, proclaimed the creation of a working assembly whose goal is to increase market honesty and customer trust.