Spokespeople of OKEx reacted to rumors of a violation of law

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Representatives of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange commented on the crisis in which the trading floor found itself. They denied the connection between the moratorium on the withdrawal of funds in violation of the legislation on combating the legalization of criminal proceeds.

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Vivienne Choi, head of the exchange's press service, stressed that the platform did not violate the laws. The decision to suspend the withdrawal of funds has nothing to do with rumors that the trading platform has problems with the supervisory authorities.

One of OKEx's managers, Anton Ananyev, who is in charge of working with institutional investors, also told reporters that the decision to impose the moratorium was not related to a possible violation of anti-money laundering laws.

At the same time, both representatives of the exchange did not specify the reason for introducing a ban on withdrawing funds. Choi only added that there is no information yet on the timing of the resumption of operations.

Ananyev denied information published by several media outlets that allegedly after a conversation between the founder of the exchange, Stara Xu, with law enforcement officers, the withdrawal of funds was resumed. OKEx CEO Jay Hao also commented on the situation around the platform. He stressed that users' funds are completely safe.

The founder of OKEx was questioned by police before the withdrawal of the crypto was suspended.