Survey: over a third of US companies accept cryptocurrencies

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36% of US small and medium-sized businesses accept cryptocoins as a payment method, and 59% of them previously acquired such assets for their own use. This is evidenced by a survey conducted by the order of the insurance company HSB.

Crypto payments more often are used by young companies, that exist for 5 years or less: such among the respondents were 47%.

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Of the enterprises existing for more than twenty years, only 21% are ready to accept crypto assets.

The researchers concluded that among the main advantages of using cryptocoins, companies distinguish fast payments and low commissions. But still, some factors do not allow this method of shopping to become the most common: for example, cyber-attacks and fraud.

The survey involved 509 small and medium enterprises. The final version included 41% of companies with less than 25 employees. The error of the study is 4.4%.

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