Telegram reveals details about Catchain consensus mechanism

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Catchain algorithm

Telegram co-founder Nikolai Durov published a description of the TON consensus protocol called Catchain.

According to the document, Catchain is a Byzantine generals task algorithm (BFT) executed on the PoS blockchain, which generally resembles the protocols adopted in NEO or Cosmos. BFT provides a solution to the reliability problem, even though part of the nodes is untrue. Consequently, the algorithm is going to run efficiently until more than a third of the nodes become fraudulent.

Every new block will be built in about 5 seconds while the generation round, in which the validators have confined time for approval, or otherwise, the network skips it.

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The system will check all blocks during their formation, and not after closing. At the same time, the roles of validators will be divided: some will create blocks, while others will put him to a choice, in which all the rest will take part.

The main chain can have up to 100 validators, and its branches 10-30.

Despite litigation with the US financial regulator, Telegram previously released a preliminary version of the wallet for Gram.