Telos Launches a Gig Economy Based on Blockchain

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Telos launches gig economy platform

While a global employment crisis continues, the role of the gig economy is growing making progress into the blockchain industry.

In a gig economy, impermanent, flexible employments are usual and companies tend toward hiring self-employed people and freelancers instead of full-time workers.

As a result of the global pandemic, the demand for gig economy platforms has been noticeably increasing. The situation makes the citizens turn to all kinds of digital networks in the absence of social security and conventional employment benefits.

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Virginia-based IT company Telos is is launching a new gig economy platform called TelosTask, using blockchain technology for networks like PeoplePerHour and Upwork. Based on the Telos blockchain, and developed by the MydAppr team, the new peer-to-peer platform will directly connect employers to employees or gig workers.

TelosTask will be used by workers having different skills and professions. They can be social media assistants, authors, graphic designers or video producers. The automated payments are secure as they will be done through the escrow system.