Tesla electric car was turned into a bitcoin node

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Tesla car bitcoin node

The developers of the Bcoin were able to launch a full-fledged bitcoin node on the on-board computer of the Tesla electric car.

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Most likely this was a demonstration of the capabilities of Bcoin software, as the comments noted that using Tesla as a bitcoin node is associated with a number of problems and dangers.

The operation of a blockchain node requires a lot of computing resources, and this can interfere with the functioning of the car user interface, which threatens with incidents during movement.

In addition, the known problem of limited read-write cycles of the Tesla internal memory, and the operation of the bitcoin node can lead to its failure.

Project specialists, offering to test their software, expressly warned that it will require high bandwidth, serious processor load and a significant amount of disk space.

Earlier, one of the owners of an electric car turned his Model S into a mining farm, and hackers used the cloud resources of the manufacturer to extract cryptocurrency.