Tesla tested blockchain app to optimize logistics processes

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Tesla blockchain CargoSmart

Tesla, an electric car manufacturer, became one of the participants in a pilot test of a blockchain application designed to accelerate the import of goods into China. The project was led by a Hong Kong-based supplier of supply chain technology, CargoSmart Limited.

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In addition to Tesla, COSCO SHIPPING LINES (COSCO) and Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) participated in the pilot project.

The created application is intended for real-time exchange of traffic data between the sea carrier and the terminal operator. This allows you to minimize the stages of verification of the consignee and the forwarder with sea carriers and accelerate the issuance of sea waybills.

Thanks to this, carriers can pick up their cargo at the terminal faster, helping shippers fulfill delivery conditions and ensure that the quality of service is consistent.

The pilot project itself was held in December 2019. According to its results, Tesla was able to speed up the procedure for receiving goods on a reliable and safe platform, while COSCO and SIPG simplified the process of cargo delivery, including through faster preparation of delivery orders for recipients and their transport agents.

It is also reported that in March CargoSmart improved the application to display the load of the sea gate, as well as the arrival and departure dates from the terminal. This allowed shippers to better control their cargo.