Thailand will integrate blockchain into E-Visa system

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Thailand visa

Thailand is one of the most popular touristic places nowadays. The government intends to integrate blockchain technology on Electronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA) to speed up the process of Visa application and to protect all the data of the country's guests. The new version of eVOA will be available for over 5 million visitors from numerous countries.

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The concept of this new system is a result of an Australian travel firm ShareRing and Gateway service collaboration. According to the announcement, Thailand will implement the blockchain-based eVOA initially concentrated on travelers from China and India.

CEO and co-founder of ShareRing Tim Bos stated that the innovative feature is going to streamline the process of visa application in Thailand. Currently, VOA is done at airports or land entry points. The process is slow and requires guests to provide several documents. Bos mentioned the fact that nowadays the process takes about an hour to complete.

ShareRing's collaboration with Gateway Services will increase the speed, improve the security and quality of the application process.