The American IT company offered employees a salary in crypto

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Employees of the software development firm Sequoia Holdings will be able to get a portion of their salary in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash.

“We are delighted to offer our team a new opportunity. Many of our employees support cryptos,” said co-founder and CEO Richard Stroup.

Sequoia Holdings has partnered with a third-party company that withholds payroll taxes and will now be able to convert some of its employees' income into cryptocurrency. The digital assets will be stored in an e-wallet like a retirement deposit.

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According to Stroup, cryptocurrency has become an essential alternative to traditional investments. The company prides itself on providing employees with the ability to easily invest in digital assets and grow their capital.

Recall that at the end of 2020, the professional American Football League (NFL) player Russell Okung began to automatically convert half of his annual salary of $ 13 million to Bitcoin.

Previously, the owner of two bars in New York put them up for sale for 25 BTC or 800 ETH (~ $ 850,000). He is ready to sell establishments exclusively for cryptocurrency.