Tim Draper once again confirmed his commitment to Bitcoin

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Tim Draper

During a conversation with businessman Rob Moore, financier Tim Draper again spoke about the benefits of bitcoin.

He previously repeatedly expressed his commitment to the first cryptocurrency, but this time he admitted that he owns not only BTC but also some altcoins.

Draper evaluates the effectiveness of each investment during periods of crisis.

However, the financier did not specify which cryptocurrencies, in addition to bitcoin, he invested in. According to him, since childhood, he has not told anyone and has not shown how much money he has since opponents can use such information to harm him.

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Draper also confirmed his previously announced forecast that BTC will continue to grow in price. For example, the US government, through its actions, enhances investor interest in bitcoin.

The Federal Reserve has already printed $ 9 trillion. Such a policy undermines confidence in the dollar and forces players to look for alternative instruments, such as bitcoin.

The principal value of BTC is that its emissions are limited. There is a maximum amount of bitcoins that can be mined.

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Money from central banks will lose value, and interest in bitcoin will only grow stronger, Draper concluded.