Trading platform Hodl Hodl has become a user of the Liquid

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Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl became the first P2P trading platform to use the Liquid sidechain.

Liquid is Blockstream’s sidechain technology, which is currently used by 45 exchanges, retailers, and financial companies. This solution allows you to make fast and confidential bitcoin transactions, as well as safely manage digital assets.

Hodl Hodl has already added L-BTC as a payment method. In the future, the P2P platform plans to add the ability to trade on the Liquid network by introducing “unique escrow technology.”

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“We are pleased to be the first P2P platform to join the Liquid Federation. L-BTC is already available at Hodl Hodl as a payment method, and in 2020 we intend to introduce various products and services based on this technology,” said Max Ceydun, CEO of Hodl Hodl.

He also expressed the hope that Liquid technology will positively affect the development of the platform and the crypto industry as a whole.

Hodl Hodl already has experience in the development and integration of second-level technologies - last year it was the first among non-custodian trading platforms to launch trading using the Lightning Network.