Trading Volume of UniSwap Passed $100 B

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Uniswap trading volume $100 B

On February 15, the entire volume of UniSwap's transactions surged above $100 B. The founder of the DEX, Hayden Adams posted the news on Twitter.

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It's the first time ever that any decentralized exchange (DEX) has crossed this mark.

The monthly trading volume of the platform is $11.1 B on average. In the last 24 hours, UniSwap has implemented over $1.2 billion worth of trades.

The platform went live in May 2020. It is an automated liquidity protocol based on Ethereum. UniSwap has its native token called UNI. Presently, the token ranks 15th in terms of market cap (around $6.1 B). It trades at about $20.

UNI is a governance token, so it allows the owners to vote on the rules.

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Generally, the DeFi markets have been growing. Over $57.6 B has been locked into different protocols. A number of DEXes such as Curve and 1inch have raised in trading volume this month.