Twitter talks about crypto

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Twitter talks about crypto

New research provides us with a very interesting statistics about various countries and their tweets about the crypto industry.

So the first position is the US because 38.9% of tweets about Bitcoin are from here. The UK takes second place with 10.5%. Top five countries are US, UK, Canda, Turkey and India.

Also, the statistics gave us data about the countries that show at least 0.5% crypto talks on Twitter. And here they are - Peru, Indonesia, Italy, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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Most contrary tweets about Bitcoin are from Venezuela, overall 62%, on the contrary, the US is very positive about BTC, 61.5% of tweets. Altogether 59.8% of posts about Bitcoin are positive.

As we already understood the US and the UK are heads in Bitcoin talks, but if we exclude them there are over 160 countries that post about BTC on Twitter on a daily basis.

There’s one more interesting tendency in the US sector of Twitter - 43.8% of tweets are about new Libra coin. Countries that follow the US and tweet about Libra are the UK, France, Canda and Australia. What’s more interesting, that formerly conversations about Facebook’s crypto coin were mostly positive, nowadays everything has changed and the biggest part (54.8%) of Libra tweets are negative.

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Taking into consideration other cryptocurrencies, statistics stays the same - the US is on the top with 53%.