Uniswap launches a new version of a decentralized platform

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Uniswap protocol developers announced the launch of the second version of a decentralized platform in the next quarter.

Among the innovative features of Uniswap v2:

The ability to swap any Ethereum-standard ERC20 tokens among themselves;

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Instant swaps, providing for the possibility of withdrawing “as many coins as you like” for, for example, arbitrage and margin trading operations;

An improved pricing model, which provides the oracles for determining the market rate at the beginning of each block, immediately before the conclusion of transactions.

The updated decentralized platform is already being tested on the Ethereum networks Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Goerli.

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In general, the fame of Uniswap continues to grow - since the beginning of 2020, the trading volume on this platform has increased by 192%.