US Congress is nearer to the solution of crypto regularity

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The House Energy And Commerce Committee has studied 38 drafts as a result of which two proposed laws referring to crypto and blockchain surveys were accepted. Accordingly, blockchain engineering will be analysed more carefully and be the object of voting in the House of Representatives.

Darren Soto, U.S. Representative for Florida's 9th district, told that after long-lasting discussions the Digital Taxonomy Act had passed the first steps of legislation. The Act suggests to control and present an examination on the blockchain structure to numerous groups in the ministry. This will make it simpler to prevent deceptions and tricks while dealing with digital tokens. But at first, it must be passed in Congress.

The other, COMPETE Act must get further approval too. The American COMPETE Act would examine such seemingly unmanageable activities as machine intelligence, quantum computing, and so on. It tends to advance blockchain structure faster securing it from different bad impacts. I t's worth to mention that last month, the U.S. Agriculture Department offered to track the good stocks using blockchain technology. The United States COMPETE act intends to quickly improve the American position in the competition for blockchain dominance.