Venezuela banned mining of crypto in government apartments

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Venezuelans living in government apartments will not be able to mine. The head of the Ministry of Environment and Construction of Venezuela Ildemaro Villarroel told about the corresponding ban on the mining of cryptocurrency.

He stressed that those citizens of the country who live in areas where houses were built by state-owned companies as part of the large-scale Gran Misión Vivienda project should not be engaged in mining.

The minister noted that a sharp increase in energy consumption in these areas has recently been recorded. That is due to the increased activity of local miners.

To ensure security and ensure a stable power supply of residential areas, it was decided to prohibit the mining of cryptocurrency in any house that is in state ownership.

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As part of the Gran Misión Vivienda project, the Latin American government has begun providing housing to low-income citizens.

Villarroel drew attention to the threats posed by underground miners and added that the state would not allow the growth of their activity.

Venezuelan National Guards recently seized 315 pieces of mining equipment manufactured by Bitmain. The owners of the miners were informed that they do not have permission to operate such devices.