Wikipedia became the trusted publisher of Brave browser

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Brave and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is now a trusted publisher ready to receive BAT donations from Brave users. Both companies agree on their goals of supporting great content on the internet without invasive trackers and advertising and creating an online ecosystem that enables authors to share their work.

The most popular free online encyclopedia has joined the Brave platform as a trusted publisher. Created 18 years ago, Wikipedia is edited and reviewed by volunteers from all the corners of the Earth. Wikipedia is offered in 300 languages containing more than 50 million articles and is viewed more than 15 billion times a month. Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit charitable foundation that relies on donations.

As a trusted Brave publisher, Wikipedia brings together more than 240,000 Brave publishers and creators who can receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) donations from ~7 million active Brave users per month.

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There are currently more than 30,308 trusted publishers in the BAT ecosystem, including The Guardian, Washington Post, CoinMarketCap, LA Times, and so on.

Brave users without any effort can add BAT to Wikipedia using the integrated Brave Rewards system in its browser, simply by clicking the BAT icon in the URL bar. Donations can be done 1-time or monthly. Users can purchase BAT for their integrated wallets or earn BAT each month by viewing Brave Ads signed and confidential. Users in regions that do not yet show Brave Ads may donate BAT due to random grants they receive from Brave.

Recall that recently Brave completed beta testing of a feature that allows you to send donations to various online services, in particular, on Twitter.

Users can choose to send one-time or regular donations to their favorite authors in Basic Attention Tokens (BATs). Thus, browser developers intend to stimulate the creation of useful content as in the case of Wikipedia.

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Also, recall that last year Jimmy Wales announced that Wikipedia would never conduct an ICO or issue its own cryptocurrency. Wales also noted that although blockchain is a “super-interesting technology”, it is clearly a bubble surrounded by “mania and hype.”

Earlier, the founder of Wikipedia stated that the ICO is a “complete scam”, and the cryptocurrency world is in a bubble. Despite such statements, last year Jimmy Wales asked the crypto community to help with Wikitribune project's launch to counter fake news.