World currency on the blockchain and capital outflow from AI

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Saxo bank forecast

Experts at Danish investment bank Saxo Bank have published a traditional list of provocative and shocking forecasts for 2020.

One of the main events that will affect the global economy in 2020 will be the release by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank of a new reserve asset on the blockchain. It will be called the Asian Drawing Right (ADR) and will be equal to two US dollars.

According to the forecast of the bank, Russia and the OPEC countries will be the first to make settlements in ADR, which is why in a few months the dollar will lose 20% of its value relative to the new asset.

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Experts also predict a decline in interest in artificial intelligence developments. The reason for this will serve as not paid back costs for research and development of technologies.

Only large corporations Facebook, Google and Microsoft will be able to maintain the balance of expenses and income, however, venture capital will refuse to invest in AI.

The bank calls its predictions "unlikely events that could have a huge impact on the markets." They do not apply to official market forecasts. So, in 2018, Saxo Bank predicted a loss of investor interest in bitcoin.