World of Tanks author will create a blockchain party

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Russia blockchain party

The director of the World of Tanks videogame, Vyacheslav Makarov, plans to create a “Direct Democracy Party” with an application on the blockchain, Kommersant writes. It is going to first take part in the 2020 regional elections, and then in the parliamentary elections of 2021.

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The party’s organizing committee will also include Boris Chigidin, deputy head of Yandex.Money legal service, Oleg Artamonov, general director of Unwired Devices, Alexei Pilko, director of the Eurasian Communication Center, and Timofei Shevyakov, co-owner of GR-Consulting S.r.l and ex-producer of Live Journal.

Vyacheslav Makarov hopes to attract developers of leading regional IT companies into the project.

A feature of the party will be a blockchain-based application for voting on party issues. Makarov plans to spend $1 million on the creation of an electronic platform.

The founding congress of the Direct Democracy Party is scheduled for March 5. To participate in the first round of elections, Makarov in three months needs to get federal registration and open branches in more than 42 regions.

The Belarusian IT company has already “long since ceased to be just a game developer, and it certainly doesn’t need advertising,” said a newspaper source who wished to remain anonymous. He believes that the company actively sponsors many events of a patriotic orientation in Russia and Belarus and "has an influence that goes far beyond the scope of IT." The interlocutor of the publication does not exclude that Vyacheslav Makarov “decided to play politics” and turn the company's authority and finances “into something more”.

Recall that in April 2018, Ukrainian bloggers announced the creation of the right-wing liberal party “Democratic Horde”, which extracts party contributions through cryptocurrency mining. The new political force was supposed to protect the interests of IT people, small and medium-sized businesses, and also achieve political goals by trolling.