Xi Jinping wants China to be a leader in the blockchain

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President of China

President of China Xi Jinping said that the communist party of his country should consider blockchain as a centre technology for essential innovative inventions, also it should perpetrate to stimulating the improvement of this technology.

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This announcement was made during the meeting with the political bureau of the party's Central Committee. The meeting is a workshop series held periodically by the party. Thursday’s workshop was intended to study the current environment and future advancement of blockchain technology. This is the first time that the party was analysing the blockchain.

Xi mentioned that the country has a solid basis for developing the technology. He said that he wants to grow and let China "take the leading position in the emerging field of blockchain".

According to his Thursday's speech, Xi also wants China to promote the integration of blockchain with the real-world financial system and give a resolution to real issues, that nowadays banking systems have.