You can now use Brave’s BAT to tip on Twitter

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Basic Attention Token

One more tipping service has been attached to Twitter and it’s Brave platform.

According to a post that the browser published, Brave has started tipping service and currently, it’s in its beta period. Users of Twitter are going to have an opportunity of tipping content applying Basic Attention Token.

At the beginning of its story, Brave was just browser with ad-blocking service. It started an ICO of 1 billion BAT in 2017 with an additional 500 million BAT upheld by the platform. The corporation intended to build a fair value distribution prototype among all the interacting members - advertisers, authors and regular users. Then Brave stepped further into the field of micro-tipping.

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Brave is transferring 100000 BAT bonuses to each of its desktop users who aren’t able to receive Brave Ads. The platform announced that Vimeo, Reddit and GitHub are following on its list. Two platforms - Youtube and Twitch - have already adopted Brave’s functions. A pin of Brave for tipping the content is going to be located near the “retweet” and “favourite” buttons on social media.

Now Brave has an automatic tip function, which lets tipping your preferred content generators in timed instalments.