Zap Wallet created tool for buying BTC on Lightning Network

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BTC Lightning Network

Bitcoin users have a new tool that allows them to instantly purchase coin on the Lightning Network using bank cards. A solution called Olympus was introduced by Zap Wallet developer Jack Mullers.

The new tool is designed to bypass complex KYC procedures requiring services like BitPay and Coinbase.

Olympus will be available in all versions of the Zap wallet (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux), but its use is not required, the developer said. According to him, the solution can be embedded in any other external applications or products.

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Olympus is currently in beta and can be tested on and A full launch of the product is scheduled for 2020.

Recall that earlier this week, the sale of bitcoins for dollars with transfers via the Lightning Network was launched by the Sparkswap.