Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) price, charts and news



Basic Attention Token market data

BAT Coin Price:$0.223124
BAT Market Cap:$300,659,638
BAT Circulating Supply:1,347,500,672 BAT
BAT Total Supply:1,500,000,000 BAT
BAT 24 Hour Volume:$207,296,732
BAT 24 Hour High:$--
BAT 24 Hour Low:$--
BAT 24h Change: -10.81%

What is Basic Attention Token?

A co-director of Mozilla and an author of JavaScript is a founder of the Basic Attention Token too. His name is Brendan Eich and he built a decentralized, open-source project, which is purposed to act as a unique tool for digital ads. Taking as fundamentals an Ethereum, BAT platform and coin target to develop the effectiveness of advertisement in the digital environment. BAT may be transferred among advertisers, regular users and publishers to make transactions simpler and quicker.  Included in the BAT ecosystem, the Brave browser was specially composed for preventing trackers and malware. The team expects that the idea of manageable payments for advertising is going to spread among various apps and browsers, what’s more, they suppose that this coin is going to be applied in process of advertising payments in messengers like Telegram. Also, they desire to design something like WeChat for coin integration.

BAT price historical chart