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EOS (EOS) price, charts and news



EOS market data

EOS Coin Price: $2.58
EOS Market Cap: $2,456,373,124
EOS Circulating Supply: 951,210,740 EOS
EOS Total Supply: 0.00 EOS
EOS 24 Hour Volume: $684,090,196
EOS 24 Hour High: $--
EOS 24 Hour Low: $--
EOS 24h Change: -5.40%

What is EOS?

EOS is an original token which powers EOS.IO blockchain protocol. There are many proposed meanings of what EOS actually implies, like “Ethereum on Steroids”, “Endless Online Scaling” and so on. EOS.IO is a decentralized software that runs on a blockchain. This network serves as a platform for smart contracts and additional functions to maintain Dapps, it is designed to be simple for both individuals and businesses. It handles millions of transactions per second and takes zero charges for them. It was issued in June  2018, by corporation. EOS.IO aims to give a resolution the scalability obstacle that other networks have and become the most rapid operating platform for Dapps in the world. The most unusual thing in EOS is that it doesn’t require a mining farm as the new coin is formed with the required number blocks formation. In June 2018 EOS price was $12.5. As of April 2019, EOS costs $3.36 and its market capitalization has reached $3 billion. This token gives many advantages to its owners, e.g., they may be included in the governance process of the blockchain.

EOS price historical chart

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