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Fee Active Collateral Token

Fee Active Collateral Token (FACT) price, charts and news



Fee Active Collateral Token market data

FACT Coin Price: $0.011139
FACT Market Cap: $0.00
FACT Circulating Supply: 0.00 FACT
FACT Total Supply: 2,947,428 FACT
FACT 24 Hour Volume: $16.05
FACT 24 Hour High: $--
FACT 24 Hour Low: $--
FACT 24h Change: 0.00%

What is Fee Active Collateral Token?

The Financial Active Collateral Token (FACT) is a new generation DeFi staking and lending financial ecosystem that is built by professionals who intend to solve the current problems of the crypto industry. With their unusual insight, the team has come up with solutions: · 0% interest rate fee: FACT makes DeFi easy through 0% interest rate loans · New revenue stream: liquidity providers LPS are not available for staking rewards as long as they’re participating in the liquidity pool. · Clear Processing Percentage Rate: For borrowers, it is necessary to be sure that they will be paying. FACT gives borrowers a clearly defined processing charge for the upcoming day so they are aware of how much they will be charged if they draw out loans. Since all lending and borrowing is done on a daily lock-in period, borrowers can always quit if they find the rate doesn't meet their interests. Borrowers are always in profits: Paying off Your 0% interest loan is always an attractive deal. So let’s consider two cases to pay off the borrowed amount. The Smart Contract offers 2 methods. DEFI is meant to be beneficial for the users: 1-if the FACT value has increased than the original (Borrowed) amount, then the user needs to pay the collateral amount that he has taken and the profit difference from FACT his. 2-In case that FACT value has decreased, the user only has to pay FACT tokens that he has borrowed which wll put him in profits and take the original collateral back. · Simple Interest: FACT has no loan interest fee and will charge a one time 2% fee that will be distributed in the liquidity pool as a profit. · Third Party Audit: With the upcoming launch, FACT team has teamed up with OpenZeppelin to audit its smart contracts to ensure that user assets are protected at all times.

FACT price historical chart

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