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MasterWin (MW) price, charts and news



MasterWin market data

MW Coin Price: $0.047677
MW Market Cap: $0.00
MW Circulating Supply: 0.00 MW
MW Total Supply: 31,000,000 MW
MW 24 Hour Volume: $554
MW 24 Hour High: $--
MW 24 Hour Low: $--
MW 24h Change: 12.68%

What is MasterWin?

MW is a masternode coin with a Tombola system in the background. As it is mentioned in the project's white paper the advantages of masternode sharing are: 1. You don't have to buy a complete master node. 2. Low fees, which are only deducted from the masternode rewards and do not have to be paid extra. There are 31,000,000 coins from the MW. Of these, 11,000,000 are retained. That means 20,000,000 coins will be made available for the masternode reward structure. The 11,000,000 of them are used for marketing, AirDrop, Bounty System, server costs, etc. It is stated on the project's official website, by collaborating with various masternode exchange services, customers can start earning with the first coins they got. Clients will get MWs through a reward structure.

MW price historical chart

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