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Pi Network (IOU)

Pi Network (IOU) (PI) price, charts and news



Pi Network (IOU) market data

PI Coin Price: $0.421697
PI Market Cap: $0.00
PI Circulating Supply: 0.00 PI
PI Total Supply: 0.00 PI
PI 24 Hour Volume: $407,373
PI 24 Hour High: $--
PI 24 Hour Low: $--
PI 24h Change: -0.27%

What is Pi Network (IOU)?

Pi Network is an App that was produced by a team of Stanford Ph.D.'s. This new platform aims to give the financial and social benefits of blockchain to an average user. The vision of the company is to build the world's most comprehensive P2P marketplace, which is planned to be fueled by PI. As the platform mentions, it makes mining easy by applying a tech that allows a user mine via phone and doesn't damage the battery.

PI price historical chart

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