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Rock (RKT) price, charts and news



Rock market data

RKT Coin Price: $0.000000
RKT Market Cap: $0.00
RKT Circulating Supply: 480,253,525 RKT
RKT Total Supply: 900,000,000 RKT
RKT 24 Hour Volume: $0.00
RKT 24 Hour High: $--
RKT 24 Hour Low: $--
RKT 24h Change: 0.00%

What is Rock?

The Rock project is focused on creating an internal crypto for the Gibraltar blockchain exchange. This site was created in August 2017 as a kind of branch of the existing Gibraltar stock exchange. The main development priority is aimed at investors and exchange opportunities between fiat and digital money. The Gibraltar Stock Exchange started its work in 2015. In 2017, operations were transferred to blockchain operation. This step made it possible to use the latest digital developments in the work of the exchange, as well as create an internal Rock cryptocurrency. The main vector of development of the trading platform, the developers highlight the reliability and safety of working with it. To do this, all cryptocurrencies and projects are thoroughly tested, only after that they can be added to exchange trading. As conceived by the developers, RKT will create a trading platform of the future, reliable and in demand for attracting investments and making deposits. Careful verification will avoid the participation of dubious projects and sponsors, which will make the investment process a safe way to make a profit.

RKT price historical chart

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