SovranoCoin (SVR) price, charts and news



SovranoCoin market data

SVR Coin Price: $0.204314
SVR Market Cap: $0.00
SVR Circulating Supply: 0.00 SVR
SVR Total Supply: 6,000,000 SVR
SVR 24 Hour Volume: $32,997
SVR 24 Hour High: $--
SVR 24 Hour Low: $--
SVR 24h Change: 27.16%

What is SovranoCoin?

SVR is a fork from a very private Zerocoin, the latter works as an extension of the BTC protocol with some improvements in privacy. The developers on the cryptocurrency's official page, its main advantages are its anonymity, speed and security of transactions, sustainability, high proof of stake rewards, a simplified pos rewards system, global transactions and much more. Sovrano, as it is mentioned on its website, is a revolutionary proof-of-stake, Masternode based on ZeroCoin blockchain with incredible anonymity․ Leading cryptocurrencies make their users and assets vulnerable, as anyone can access the addresses and details of the assets.

SVR price historical chart

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