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XTRM (XTRM) price, charts and news



XTRM market data

XTRM Coin Price: $0.003869
XTRM Market Cap: $0.00
XTRM Circulating Supply: 0.00 XTRM
XTRM Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 XTRM
XTRM 24 Hour Volume: $264
XTRM 24 Hour High: $--
XTRM 24 Hour Low: $--
XTRM 24h Change: -87.79%

What is XTRM?

XTRM is a company that aims to bring a revolution into the crypto sphere. It seeks an opportunity to invade the crypto market with one-stop decentralized trustless solutions for the above-mentioned activities handing over the power of decentralization into users' hands. XTRM uses YOC blockchain to run its central project, where it can issue tokens build dApps & dex fully decentralized and transparent. The company also has a crypto wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, and its native XTRM coin. It is a fully decentralized mobile app with a user-friendly UI that enables its users to store and manage tokens and coins while being in control of their private keys.

XTRM price historical chart

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