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-2.76% market data

YFI Coin Price: $39,368.00
YFI Market Cap: $1,416,364,556
YFI Circulating Supply: 36,096 YFI
YFI Total Supply: 36,666 YFI
YFI 24 Hour Volume: $604,428,279
YFI 24 Hour High: $--
YFI 24 Hour Low: $--
YFI 24h Change: -2.76%

What is is a decentralized system of aggregators that combine lending platforms like Aave and Compound to make token loaning process as easy and profitable as possible. When the deposit is done to, it is transformed into yTokens, which are systematically readjusted to select the most beneficial lending service. To acquire YFI,'s governance token, the users must provide liquidity investing some yTokens. Thus yield farming process is created. Due to Automated Market Maker between yTokens, the users can receive both lending and trading fees at the same time. The creator of this ecosystem is Andre Cronje. Now YFI represents a multi-signature wallet, which means that in order to make any changes agreement of 6 out of 9 participants is needed. Any changes within the system are made through on-chain recommendations and voting.

YFI price historical chart

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