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CoinMarketCap defined BitMEX crypto exchange at 175th line


The popular CoinMarketCap service again found itself at the center of the scandal, setting BitMEX to the 175th place in the rating of crypto exchanges. Note that at the end of May, the same trading floor in this rating was on the third line. Users of social networks periodically criticize the...


15% drop in BTC rate caused BitMEX $226M positions loose


The price of bitcoin fell sharply from $9,500 to $8,100 at 7 AM Central time on May 10, losing 14.6% in just 10 minutes. Since then, the price has recovered to $8800. As a result of a sudden drop, the volume of liquidations of positions on the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange reached $226...

BitMex Japan

BitMEX will limit access to its platform for Japanese users


Seychelles crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX will soon prohibit all users from Japan to use their platform. On Tuesday, April 28, the exchange announced that since April 30 it plans to restrict access to its platform for residents of Japan and prohibit existing users from placing orders from May...

Bitcoin's price

Bitcoin Price Spikes Above $7K, Liquidating $23M on BitMEX


The rapid rise in the value of bitcoin by $500 on Thursday, led to mass liquidations on the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange. The price of bitcoin has shown rapid growth from $6650, peaking at $7145 around 03:00 AM CT. According to data from analytic company Skew, the sudden movement led to the...

Coronavirus and crisis for Bitcoin

BitMEX: world crisis and coronavirus biggest chances for BTC


Specialists at the BitMEX crypto-derivative exchange research unit have analyzed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on financial markets. Analysts say the market’s response to the virus will mark a significant change in the economic structure. The study said that ultimately, with this new...

BitMEX scam UK FSA

The British regulator classified BitMEX as potential scam


The UK Financial Conduct Authority has warned investors that the BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has not received permission to operate in the country and could potentially conduct fraudulent activities. The regulator recalled that almost all companies and individuals offering financial...

XRP collapse BitMex

Users lost funds due to collapse of XRP on BitMEX to $0.13


The ongoing volatility of bitcoin may possibly attract the main attention of traders, however, no less interesting events could be observed on Thursday, February 13, in the XRP markets. So, on the BitMEX derivatives exchange, as a result of an instant collapse of the exchange rate, the token at...

SegWit domination over Bitcoin now rises

SegWit domination over Bitcoin now rises to almost 66%


As per the recent reports, Bitcoin’s reliance over the SegWit technology sees a new high. It is estimated that this technology is contributing to approximately 66% of the complete proceedings of Bitcoin. This number has seen a drastic rise from just 40% in September to a massive 60%...

CEO of BitMex

BitMex exchange hit with $300 million investor suit


One of the most successful crypto exchanges - BitMex and its CEO Arthur Hayes are being claimed for $300 million for supposedly stiffing an initial investor. RGB Coin Ltd. and Frank Amato state they have been the preeminent investor of this exchange. The lawsuit stated that the investment of $30000...

BitMEX data leak

BitMEX exchange leaked data


BitMEX, the largest exchange of Bitcoin derivatives, has leaked user data. Some users received emails containing the email addresses of other platform clients. We are aware of an email privacy issue impacting our customers. We have identified the root cause and will be in touch with any users...

Bitmex ad The Times

Regulator accused BitMEX of publishing an incorrect BTC ad


The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is a self-regulatory organization, has notified HDR Global Trading Ltd (BitMEX operator) that the first cryptocurrency ad, posted on January 3 this year in The Times, is misleading and also contains exaggerations. So, the ASA emphasized that on...

US Regulator is checking BitMEX over client trades

US Regulator is checking BitMEX over client trades


BitMEX exchange is being examined by The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, familiar to the theme people suppose that the platform is becoming extremely popular in Asia because it lets users make big bets with little capitals. The examination is ongoing and the regulator’s investigations...

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