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Fully-electric Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo will use blockchain tech to avoid unethical cobalt


Volvo plans to adopt blockchain to track the genesis of cobalt it uses in its batteries to bypass stocks dug by children and under immoral circumstances. Head of Procurement at the corporation Martina Buchhauser told that they're regularly bound to a civilised supply chain for their raw materials...

President of China

Xi Jinping wants China to be a leader in the blockchain


President of China Xi Jinping said that the communist party of his country should consider blockchain as a centre technology for essential innovative inventions, also it should perpetrate to stimulating the improvement of this technology. This announcement was made during the meeting with the...

smart contracts' vulnerabilities to hacker attacks

Half of the pilot projects and more than 70% of smart contracts contain vulnerabilities to hacker...


The active introduction of blockchain technologies by financial organizations threatens their security, to the point of complete loss of control over critical resources. This was published in a report by the company Positive Technologies, which specializes in cybersecurity. Half of the pilot...

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