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Chainalysis dispels talks of terrorists actively use crypto


The analytical company Chainalysis has published a report that dispels the myth around the use of cryptos to finance terrorism. At the same time, the company points out the harm caused by such misinformation to cryptocurrencies and the reputation of the companies working with them. Chainalysis...

child pornography crypto

Crypto transactions for child pornography grow to $1 million


The amount of payments in bitcoins and Ethereum in favor of providers of “adult” content involving minors in 2019 amounted to $930,000. Such data are provided by the analytical startup Chainalysis. Compared with the year before last, the growth was 32%, which in turn more than doubled the...

Coronavirus Bitcoin darknet

Chainalysis: COVID-19 negatively impacts even darknet market


A sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin against the backdrop of global panic due to coronavirus has reduced activity in the darknet markets. This is stated in the report of the analytical startup Chainalysis. According to researchers, the fall in the price of BTC had a different effect on various...

Paxful integrates Chainalysis's activity monitoring solution

Paxful integrates Chainalysis's activity monitoring solution


Paxful's P2P Bitcoin trading platform has partnered with analytic startup Chainalysis. The purpose of the cooperation is to use the startup software to reduce the risk of violation of legislative norms during transactions. Paxful uses two tools. The first, Chainanalysis KYT, allows you to track and...

Chainalysis bitcoin darknet

Chainalysis: the popularity of bitcoin grows on the darknet


Chainalysis researchers concluded that the use of bitcoin on the darknet, including for the purchase of drugs, continues to grow. In a new report, the firm said that during the fourth quarter of last year, the volume of transactions with bitcoin on darknet markets amounted to $600 million. The...

Chainalysis ERC-20 tokens

Chainalysis tracks suspicious transactions on 10 ETH tokens


Chainalysis, an analytic startup, added support for 10 ERC-20 tokens to its solution to counter money laundering using cryptocurrencies. This was reported by The Block. Support added for Maker, Dai, 0x, OmiseGo, Basic Attention Token, and other assets. Chainalysis will also provide its customers...

bitcoin mixer illegal

Chainalysis: illegal coins in BTC mixers are less than 10%


Crypto holders most often resort to the services of BTC mixers because of privacy considerations, and not in an attempt to hide illegal income. The share of stolen cryptocurrency in the total volume is small. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the analytical blockchain startup...

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