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Binance P2P platform

P2P merchant program of Binance goes live


Binance's P2P Merchant program is live now. The platform is used for fiat-crypto speculation and is user-oriented. On January 21, Changpeng Zhao mentioned that, in the preceding quarter, the negotiating volume on the platform has drastically increased, and the global society is looking for more...

Peter Schiff Changpeng Zhao

CEO Binance and Buterin reacted to Peter Schiff's BTC loss


Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance crypto exchange, commented on an incident in which CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff lost access to his mobile bitcoin wallet. According to Zhao, centralized exchanges are the best way to store cryptocurrency. In particular, he cited the example of Binance,...

Australian bushfires

Binance donated $1 million for Australian Bushfires’ victims


Binance has given $1 million in crypto for helping the sufferers of Australian fires. Binance Charity has started a program to assist the Australian bushfires' aid projects....

Buterin Changpeng Musk

CEO Binance refused dancing like Musk and gave in to Buterin


The head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, danced on January 7 at the Tesla factory in Shanghai in honor of the launch of the Model Y SUV assembly. The crypto community could not ignore this. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance cryptocurrency exchange, noted that Musk once again raised the bar for...

CEO of Binance

Binance CEO: More governments will adopt crypto in 2020


2019 was full of various crypto events: BTC skyrocketing, several Central Banks issuing their digital currencies, and much more. The adoption of crypto moved from retail to organizations and then to the sovereign, and the most unbelievable forces started espousing digital currencies' technology....

Weibo block Justin Sun

Justin Sun's and Binance CMO's Weibo accounts are blocked


The Chinese social network Weibo, an analogue of Twitter, has blocked the account of TRON founder Justin Sun, whose branded marketing techniques have often been criticized both in China and the rest of the world. BREAKING and FINALLY ... @justinsuntron 's weibo (Chinese Twitter) account is now...

Pornhub Paypal crypto

Pornhub models switch to crypto after Paypal ceased services


Popular adult content website Pornhub has announced the suspension of payments to models by PayPal. Members of the crypto community instantly reacted to this news. URGENT: PayPal has stopped all Pornhub model payouts. If you had PayPal as your payout method please change to direct deposit/SEPA, or...

Binance exchange

Binance is going to open an office in Beijing


Binance decided to start an office in Beijing after Xi Jinping said he wants the country to become the number one in the blockchain sphere. This new outpost is going to join the other one that's in Shanghai. Actually, the corporation didn’t announce what this office plans to do and when exactly...

Binance Russia attacks

CEO Binance: attacks and Russia as key blockchain market


The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is exposed to 5-10 attacks daily, but confidence in its own security provides cooperation with white hackers. Zhao said the attacks are constant. They work with 10 groups of white hackers on an ongoing basis, so today he can confidently say: they are safer than...

Binance margin trading

Changpeng Zhao: the possibility of passive crypto earnings


Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the largest Bitcoin exchange Binance, published a tweet about the possibility of passive cryptocurrency earnings. Would you like to earn #crypto while you sleep? Keep an eye on @binance today.— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) August 26, 2019 Followers of Zhao immediately...

Binance stablecoin Venus

Binance announces Venus:Libra's independent regional version


Binance, оne of the world's largest crypto exchanges, has announced a new project, which is connected with the blockchain industry. The new project Venus will produce stablecoins tied to local fiat currencies. This was reported by TechCrunch. Binance indicated that Venus's goal is to enable...

Amazon removed "blockchain" job

Amazon removed "blockchain" from a job after hype in media


Amazon, an online retailer, published a job of a software developer on LinkedIn, who, among other things, was supposed to do “work on the blockchain.” Later, the company was forced to remove the mention of blockchain from the text of the vacancy due to media hype. So, according to the initial...

Binance hacker attack

Binance users' data in Telegram chat: hacker wants 300 BTC


There has come a piece of information on the Internet that the Binance exchange was allegedly hacked. Now “1000s of KYC data” of users are in one of the Telegram chats. The head of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, has already commented on the situation, stressing that the incident is being...

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