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Coinbase leads in mergers and takeovers of blockchain sphere

Coinbase leads in mergers and takeovers of blockchain sphere


According to a study by The Block, since 2013, 129 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have been completed in the blockchain industry for a total of about $ 2.9 billion. Cryptocurrency exchanges lead to M&A. Coinbase conducted 16, and Binance and Kraken - 10 such transactions. Except for the...


PayPal plans to add cryptocurrency support


PayPal plans to add cryptocurrency support for 325 million of its users. It is reported by Coindesk, citing its sources. “As far as I understand, they will allow purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies directly in PayPal and Venmo,” a CoinDesk source said. “They will add cryptocurrency wallet...


Reason for Coinbase failures was a 5-fold rise in traffic


Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, said that its systems could not cope with a huge surge in traffic amid the rapid rise in bitcoin prices to $ 10,000 in early June. In a Coinbase blog post published on June 6, it said that the exchange experienced a 5-fold surge in...

Nassim Taleb Coinbase exchange

Nassim Taleb closed his Coinbase account


The philosopher and author of the cult work “Black Swan” Nassim Taleb closed his account on the American bitcoin exchange Coinbase. He complained that his support request was ignored. I closed the @coinbase account (opened a few months ago). Like Must, they answered me (blue check) when I...


Coinbase has reduced rewards for storing USDC stablecoins


Coinbase has reduced the payment of charges for storing USDC by 88%. So far, Coinbase users have received 1.25% per annum; Since June 3, remuneration has decreased to 0.15%. Coinbase did not name the reasons for this step, but it follows similar actions by large banks - Bank of America, HSBC,...


Coinbase custodian platform added Cosmos staking support


Coinbase Custody, the custodial platform of the American cryptocurrency company Coinbase for institutional investors, added support for Cosmos token staking (ATOM). This feature will allow Coinbase Custody customers to store ATOM tokens and generate passive income. Coinbase Custody did not disclose...

Coinbase users altcoin

Study: Coinbase users buy altcoins after buying Bitcoin


Most of the Coinbase exchange users who buy bitcoin diversify their portfolio with altcoins. This is evidenced by a study conducted by the company. According to these data, 60% of new Coinbase users buy bitcoin as their first asset. 24% of investors continue to store or buy only BTC, while 36%...

TokenAnalyst closes

TokenAnalyst announced closure: Coinbase hires its employees


TokenAnalyst analytic platform announced the termination of work without explanation. The company posted the news of the closure on its blog. The creators of the platform thanked users for their active participation and support. To all of our supporters, customers and users:After an incredible...

Bitcoin price Coinbase

Coinbase named the reason why Bitcoin price fell to $3800


One of the main reasons for the collapse of the Bitcoin exchange rate to $3,800 on March 13 was the mass liquidation of the positions of traders, Coinbase said in its official blog. Its analysts are confident that customers at various sites used high margin leverage, the forced closure of which...

Coinbase wallet

Coinbase wallet users get direct access to cryptocredit


Coinbase Wallet developers announced the integration of various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols into the wallet interface. Thus, obtaining passive income on crypto assets has been hugely simplified. #DeFi is going mobile📱Users can now access lending protocols like @compoundfinance and...

investments in blockchain companies

Volume of investments in blockchain companies fell by 33%


According to a new report by CB Insights, the volume of venture financing in the blockchain companies last year decreased by a third from $4.2 billion to $2.8 billion. Though the number of deals decreased only from 822 to 807. We just published a new report: The Blockchain Report 2020. Download the...

Bitcoin miner found fortune

Bitcoin miner found a forgotten multi-million fortune


An anonymous Bitcoin miner has discovered a wallet with coins that were mined back in 2010, follows from his message on the BitcoinTalk forum. The block reward was then 50 BTC. Opening the topic “Newbie returning after long hiatus", he wrote that he mined “a few bitcoins” when it was...

Coinbase Messari coronavirus

Coinbase & Messari: switch to remote work due to coronavirus


The largest American cryptocurrency company Coinbase will transfer part of its employees to remote work due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. A similar decision was made by the research company Messari. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared an updated version of the plan for the spread of...

Clearview AI

Coinbase is testing Clearview’s facial recognition tech


Coinbase began testing the famous face recognition system from the American startup Clearview AI. The Clearview AI system is currently used by more than 2200 organizations. Through artificial intelligence, the system uses a database of images collected on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other...

Billionaire Changpeng Zhao Hurun

Binance CEO became the richest man in the crypto industry


Six representatives of the crypto industry are included in the annual list of billionaires compiled by the Chinese research institute Hurun. The leader in the crypto segment was 42-year-old CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao with $2.6 billion. Compared to last year's data...

Coinbase coronavirus Brian Armstrong

Coinbase developed plan in case of coronavirus exacerbation


The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has prepared a plan to protect employees in the event of a worsening situation with the spread of coronavirus. It was published by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. If necessary, the company plans to implement the measures described in the plan in its own...

neebs gaming hacked bitcoin

Hacker stole BTC renaming YouTube gaming channel to Coinbase


Last weekend, The YouTube gaming channel Neebs Gaming, with 1.89 million subscribers, was hacked, after which hackers announced the distribution of 10,000 bitcoins from the Coinbase exchange on it. URGENT: It looks like our YouTube account has been hacked. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN OUR...

Visa Coinbase Card

Coinbase received Visa membership: first in crypto sphere


The American Bitcoin exchange Coinbase received the status of Visa Principal Member, that is, a full member of the payment system. Thanks to this exchange, its users no longer have to use the services of third-party companies to issue Coinbase Card debit cards. According to the blog, Coinbase was...

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