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Bitcoin commission

The average commission on Bitcoin network increased by 752%


The average commission on the Bitcoin network has increased by 752%, according to blockchain reviewer On July 28, sending a bitcoin transaction cost $5.8. A month ago, this indicator was at $0.68. The maximum commission in the network of the first cryptocurrency was in December...


Bitcoin commission decreased by 54%


Over the past 5 days, the average commission for transactions in the Bitcoin network has decreased by 54%, however, some observers believe that network congestion may push investors to altcoins. A week ago, the average transaction fee made a jump to the level of February 2018, but since then, it...

commision in Bitcoin network

Commissions in Bitcoin network grew by 300% before halving


The average commission on the BTC network has grown by more than 300% in anticipation of halving. According to the Bitinfocharts portal, on May 8, the average transaction cost soared to $3.19. Compared to April 26, when on average the commission's cost was $0.62, the growth exceeded 300%. The last...

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