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Bitcoin drugs

Laundering money in BTC: Russian drug peddlers face prison


Cherepovets police are investigating a criminal case against two residents of the city who distributed drugs for a fee in cryptocurrency. This was reported by the press service of the department. The investigation established that the suspects worked for one of the darknet marketplaces involved in...

police Ukraine bitcoin

Ukrainian cyber policemen are suspected of stealing bitcoins


Four Kharkiv cyber police officers are suspected of stealing bitcoins after a search. Law enforcers allegedly transferred cryptocurrency from a wallet to a mobile device after it was withdrawn. The court decided to provide access to the data of mobile operators to clarify the circumstances. In...

Armenia crypto mining

A case on theft of $1 million from sale of miners in Armenia


Armenian law enforcement authorities suspect a 22-year-old citizen of stealing $1,046,000 from the sale of equipment for cryptocurrency mining. In October last year, the suspect met with a potential buyer and offered him to purchase the Z9 mini ASIC miner, the News-Armenia news agency reported...

virus crypto wallets

New virus replaces cryptocurrency wallets using Telegram


Specialists at Juniper Threat Labs have discovered new malware that steals users' personal data and replaces cryptocurrency wallets with their own. The virus functions using the Telegram messenger. Masad Stealer is a new Trojan-delivered spyware that uses Telegram to exfiltrate stolen information....

Russia scientist mining

Russian scientists accused in the mining on a supercomputer


In the Nizhny Novgorod Region, a criminal investigation has been completed against employees of the Sarov Nuclear Center, who used a supercomputer to mine cryptocurrency. The case has been submitted to court, reports RT with reference to the press service of the Sarov City Court. Scientists...

mining in Ukraine

Mining on judicial administration's servers of Ukraine


The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation from the party "Servant of the People" Alexander Dubinsky intends to ensure the resumption of the criminal case on the fact of mining on the servers of the judicial administration of Ukraine. The politician wrote about this on his...

PlusToken arrest

Chinese police detain PlusToken pyramid stolen $3 billion


Primitive Ventures managing partner Dovey Wan said the Chinese police managed to apprehend key suspects in the alleged PlusToken pyramid, the damage from which was tentatively estimated at $3 billion. JUST IN as per sir @loomdart ‘s request, this thread is abt the on-going sells off made by PLUS...

police officer sold drugs using crypto

Crime and crypto: a former operative transferred 250,000 USD from the sale of drugs to cryptocurr...


The prosecutor's office of the Volgograd accused the former operative of the drug control service and his trainee in the sale of narcotic substances and the laundering of illegal income on a large scale through cryptocurrency. This is stated on the website of the department. Thus, the accused...

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