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Amazon to launch Digital currency project

Amazon to Bring Out "Digital Currency" Project in Mexico


Washington-based massive online retailer Amazon is planning to build a "Digital Currency" project in Mexico. Details aren't known yet as the community learned about the news by the company's job announcements. Apparently, Amazon is looking for developers to deploy a payments system...

CBDC, what is it

What Is CBDC? Which Are the Countries Experimenting With It?


The concept of CBDC CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is a new class of cryptocurrency that different governments worldwide are observing. The main difference between CBDC and regular currencies is that the first one is designed to run innovative payment solutions, especially a blockchain in...

Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada won’t issue CBDC in the nearest future


Central Bank of Canada isn't going to generate its digital currency soon, said Timothy Lane, the bank's deputy head. He remarked that many Canadians are faced with long delays and the high cost of cross-border transfers that digital currencies may solve. BTC failed to come to be the “cash of the...

WEF Davos CBDC guide

Guideline for central bank digi-currency introduced in Davos


The Swiss non-governmental organization World Economic Forum (WEF) has introduced the first of its kind guide for central banks developing their own digital coins. This was reported on the WEF website. The CBDC Policy Maker Toolkit framework provides guidelines for central banks in various...

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange

Chinese official began pushing blockchain after Xi’s speech


On October 24 Xi Jinping, president of China, spoke about the significance of using blockchain technology and encouraged everyone in China to make the country leading in this sphere. After this speech, a senior Chinese foreign-exchange governing official called for “special attention” to be...

Facebook Libra

Facebook warns Washington: Beijing will win if Libra fails


Facebook Inc. warns Washington that if the corporation’s plans for launching a cryptocurrency fail, it will be a huge win for China. David Marcus said in an interview that China is going ahead and trying to create a digital payment system with a worldwide reach and, at the same time, the US is...

Walmart attempts to patent a method of using cryptocurrency

Walmart attempts to patent a method of using cryptocurrency


It seems that Walmart also desires to follow Facebook’s example and try itself in the world of cryptocurrencies. The giant retailer is trying to patent a way to apply digital coin attached to a usual fiat currency, which intends to all cheaper and quicker transactions as well as loyalty features....

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