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Hardware wallet Ledger attacked

Hardware Wallet Ledger Database Hacked


Hackers managed to access the Ledger database and get information about over 270,000 wallet users. There were mentioned such personal details as names and physical addresses. All these data then appeared on RaidForums, a marketplace for trading and sharing hacked information. In late June, ...

USA Treasury attacked

U.S. Treasury Hack will Increase Trust in Bitcoin


On December 13 U.S authorities announced that the US Treasury and the body linked to the Commerce Department were hacked. The reporting made by Reuters states that another country was involved in this. This is a major crime against U.S. network safety. The National Security Council called for an...

Origin dollar attacked

Hackers Stole $7M from Origin Protocol


Stablecoin project Origin Dollar (OUSD) was attacked on Monday and lost $7M as a result. The sum involved user funds, as well as $1 million worth of deposits by Origin founders and employees. The attacker managed to find a reentrancy bug in smart contracts. He exploited the Origin Protocol's Origin...

Hackers attacked HArvest Finance

Harvest Finance was Hacked Losing $24 M


Hackers seized USDT and USDC stablecoins costing $24 million from Harvest Finance’s stablecoin and BTC pools. Harvest Finance, which is a yield aggregator supplies liquidity to other DeFi funds to make a profit for its liquidity providers (LPs). The attackers supposedly took advantage of the...

Twitter hack Graham Clark

17-year-old teen arrested on suspicion of Twitter hack


US police have detained 17-year-old Tampa resident Graham Clark, accusing him of involvement in the recent attack on the social network Twitter and the fraudulent distribution of bitcoin. This was announced by the local television channel WFLA. Graham Clark is suspected of involvement in the attack...

Monero hidden mining

Botnet infected 5000 computers for hidden mining of Monero


Specialists from Cisco Talos have found the Prometei botnet, which used computer systems to extract Monero (XMR). It was reported in the company's blog. Prometei is capable of disabling security controls, copying files, and disguising itself as other programs to set up illegal mining operations....

Twitter hack exchanges

Exchanges saved customers' $300.000 during Twitter hack


Prompt moves by cryptocurrency exchanges have allowed users to save at least $300,000 in the recent Twitter hack, Forbes reports. Trading platforms began taking action to counter cybercriminals minutes after the fake tweets appeared, while the first restrictive steps by the social network's...

Twitter hack Bitcoin

Twitter hackers used BitPay and Coinbase to transfer funds


Attackers who managed to gain access to the accounts of many celebrities on Twitter transferred the received funds to a separate address. Previously, it was used to send funds to Coinbase and BitPay and CoinPayments services. #TwitterHack @coinbase @BitPay Please check the following Bitco_in...

Crypto ransomware

Report: crypto ransom amounts increased by 300% since 2018


Over the past two years, crypto-ransomware hackers have increased the average ransom amount by 200%. This is stated in the report of the company Crypsis Group. In 2019, the average buyback amounted to $115,123. The median amount increased by 300% from the first quarter of 2018 and reached $21,700....

Blue Mockingbird hack Monero

1000 corporate servers mined Monero for hackers


The hacker group Blue Mockingbird hacked at least a thousand corporate servers to install a hidden miner for the Monero cryptocurrency on them, ZDNet reports. According to cybersecurity experts from Red Canary, hackers exploited vulnerability CVE-2019-18935 in the platform of client interface...

Lazarus steal cryptocurrency

DPRK hackers stepped up attacks on BTC companies and traders


The hacker group Lazarus has stepped up efforts to steal crypto coins against the backdrop of a pandemic, the Daily NK reports citing cybersecurity experts ESTsecurity. The main targets of cyber attacks are bitcoin traders and crypto companies around the world. Fraudsters send letters on behalf of...

dForce hack

Customers of the hacked dForce got back their $25 million


The management of decentralized finance service dForce announced a plan for the redistribution of assets after an attacker returns all funds stolen from the site in the amount of $24.9 million. Over 90% of assets have been distributed to users in less than 24 hours. 100% users have been made whole...

Coincheck hack arrest

Coincheck $530 million hacking: 2 men arrested


Two people were arrested in Tokyo for acquiring the NEM crypto coin, associated with the unprecedented hacking of the Coincheck exchange in 2018, which resulted in the theft of $530 million, Jiji Press writes. It is assumed that the detainees knew about the origin of the funds. For what purpose and...

Founder of IOTA

IOTA founder will repay hack victims from his funds


On Saturday, March 7, the deadline set aside for IOTA users to transfer assets to new Trinity wallets expires. At the same time, the founder of the project David Sonstebo said that out of his funds, he compensates for the loss of users affected by the theft of funds in February. According to...

neebs gaming hacked bitcoin

Hacker stole BTC renaming YouTube gaming channel to Coinbase


Last weekend, The YouTube gaming channel Neebs Gaming, with 1.89 million subscribers, was hacked, after which hackers announced the distribution of 10,000 bitcoins from the Coinbase exchange on it. URGENT: It looks like our YouTube account has been hacked. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN OUR...

phishing cryptocurrency Ukraine

Ukraine: hackers stole cryptocurrency with phishing software


During a special operation in the Odessa region, two men were detained suspected of developing malicious software to steal cryptocurrency. This was reported by the press service of the local cyber police. The program created by hackers used a phishing mechanism. At the time of the transaction, it...

Hacked Altsbit closure

Hacked Altsbit bitcoin exchange announces its closure


The Altsbit cryptocurrency exchange, which lost $285 thousand as a result of the hack on February 5, announced the closure. withdrawal instructions published.— Altsbit (@altsbit) February 9, 2020 A significant part of the facilities was in cold storage. These assets...

Microsoft found a crypto miner that attacked 80000 computers

Microsoft found a crypto miner that attacked 80000 computers


Microsoft security engineers talked about a new kind of crypto-miner Dexphot, which since October 2018 has infected almost 80,000 computers running Windows. The malware reached its peak in June 2019. Microsoft experts emphasized the rather high level of complexity of the new crypto-jacking program....

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