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Square new investment in BTC

Square Invests $170 M in BTC


American Financial services Square made another investment in Bitcoin. The firm invested $170 million in the asset. According to the company's Q4 report, the firm has already made $1.76 B from Bitcoin trades implemented in the final quarter of 2020. This is 1000% more compared to the sum of the...

Morgan Stanley BTC

Morgan Stanley Considers Adding BTC


New-York based international investment bank and financial services provider Morgan Stanley announced it may add Bitcoin to its list of bets. The firm's wing Counterpoint Global views the option and is waiting to get confirmation from the firm and regulators. Counterpoint Global is a $150 B...

Luna 03.02.2021

Luna's Price Doubles After an Investment from Galaxy Digital


The built-in token of the Terra protocol, Luna saw a 19.36% price increase over the previous 24 hours and now trades at around $2.3. The raise began in mid-November. On January 26, the news of Galaxy Digital, having invested $25 M in Singapore-based Terraforum Labs became public. Since then, the...

Scaramucci about BTC investments

Anthony Scaramucci Finds Bitcoin a Safe Investment


American financier, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci thinks that with developed infrastructure and regulation, Bitcoin investments are "as safe as owning bonds and commodities like gold." SkyBridge Capital launched a new Bitcoin fund on January 4. The president and...

BTC custodian funds reached 16 B

BitGo Now Holds Assets Worth 16 B


California-based digital asset trust and security firm BitGo informed about its custodial funds reaching 16 B. Market analysts indicate that most likely this is a result of institutional investors needing to ensure security for custody. Among BitGo's customers are Galaxy Digital, Goldman Sachs, and...

Grayscale adds more BTC

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Keeps Growing


On Tuesday, New York-based crypto asset management firm Grayscale added 12.319 Bitcoins. A day earlier, the company announced suspending fund acceptance temporarily. This refers to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and several other coins. Although, apparently, the company's customers...

Pique invests in Sorare

Gerard Pique Invests $4.3M in Sorare


Blockchain-powered fantasy football game Sorare announced that Gerard Pique made a $4.3 M worth of investment in the non-fungible token (NFT) site. With this, Sorare’s total seed round reached $9 million. Recently the collector interest in the Ethereum-based NFT protocol has been rising...

Brian Armstrong  advice

Coinbase CEO About Crypto Investments


BTC price growth attracts more and more investors, who sometimes are so enthusiastic that don't take into account all the possible risks. The co-founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, Brian Armstrong posted about this issue. He says that the instability of crypto assets...

MicroStrategy buys 50M worth of bitcoin

MicroStrategy Buys Another $50 M Worth of BTC


Nasdaq-listed business analytics and mobility platform MicroStrategy got 2574 bitcoins for $50 million. This makes 40,824 BTC, for a total of about half a billion dollars in crypto assets in MicroStrategy's portfolio. The CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor confirmed the news on his social...

NYDIG raises $150 M

NYDIG Surges $150 M for Two New Funds


NYDIG (the New York Digital Investments Group) has scored $150 M for two of its digital asset funds. Just two anonymous capitalists invested $50 M in Digital Assets Fund 1. $100 M surged for NYDIG Digital Assets Fund 2.Just two anonymous capitalists invested $50 M in Digital Assets Fund 1. $100 M...

Stanley Druckenmiller Holds Bitcoin

Stanley Druckenmiller Now Holds Bitcoin


Successful American Investor, hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller announced on November 9 about having bought the world's largest cryptocurrency. The billionaire says that BTC is a supply of value that becomes stronger and stronger during the time. He compared gold to bitcoin, saying the...

Square invests in Bitcoin

Square Gets $50 M Worth of Bitcoin


One of the most successful technology companies Square informed about investing $50 million in bitcoin. The firm bought more than 4.709 coins. The owner of Square is Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and an enthusiastic supporter of BTC. The purchase made by Square forms nearly 1% of the company's...

Celsius Network investment

Celsius Network crypto lending platform raised $18.8 million


Crypto lending platform Celsius Network announced that on Monday, July 27, it will close the round of financing through the issue of shares with raised investments of more than $18.8 million. Qualified investors, including those from the United States, could take part in the round. The minimum...

Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt called on the youth to invest in BTC and tech


According to trader and analyst Peter Brandt, the most promising areas for investment are real estate and innovative projects. He expressed his point of view on Twitter and appealed to the young generation with an appeal to buy bitcoins. Besides, the expert believes that the so-called generation of...


Bitfury will launch an investment program in mining centers


Bitfury has announced the launch of an investment program for large investors, which offers them alternative access to bitcoin through the company's mining data centers. The company offers to invest in data centers settled in Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Central Asia. The program is touted as...

Bitcoin investment

Grayscale report called Bitcoin “Best Investment”


The promise by the US Federal Reserve that it would print as much money as needed made Grayscale, the client’s asset management company, say that only Bitcoin is now the best investment against central bank policies. It should be noted that Grayscale currently manages assets of $ 3 billion and...

investments in blockchain companies

Volume of investments in blockchain companies fell by 33%


According to a new report by CB Insights, the volume of venture financing in the blockchain companies last year decreased by a third from $4.2 billion to $2.8 billion. Though the number of deals decreased only from 822 to 807. We just published a new report: The Blockchain Report 2020. Download the...

Saudi Aramco

Oil giant company invests into blockchain trading platform


The venture capital department of Saudi Aramco, the world's largest and most successful oil corporation, has invested $ 5 million in the Vakt blockchain platform. According to information on the Vakt website, the oil corporation has become one of 12 platform investors. Vakt plans to direct the...

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