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MicroStrategy $1 Billion Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Acquired Over $1 B Worth of BTC


Enterprise analytics firm MicroStrategy informed on February 24 that it expanded its bitcoin funds by $1 billion. The news came on February 19, when the second trade of convertible debt was closed. MicroStrategy bought the 19.452 Bitcoins paying an average cost of $52,765 for each. Thus, the...

Grayscale set a new record

Grayscale Set a New Record, Raising over $700 M in a Day


On January 15, cryptocurrency manager Grayscale Investments surged $700 M. The increase has started in the final quarter of the last year. The CEO of the company Michael Sonnenshein tweeted about it. Grayscale accumulated $3.3 B through its cryptocurrency investment instruments in Q4 2020. This...

Survey crypto

50% More Financial Advisors Now Invest in Crypto


Statistics show that about 10% of investment specialists have made client portfolio funds into cryptocurrencies. Bitwise Asset Management, together with ETF Trends, carried out a survey in December. Nearly 1,000 financial consultants answered prepared questions. The results show that 9.4% of client...

JPMorgan about BTC

JPMorgan Says BTC Institutional Demand to Reach $600B


New-York based multinational investment bank and financial services company JPMorgan Chase Co finds it possible for bitcoin flow to reach $600 B. Data shows that insurance companies and pension funds in the U.S., Europe, and Japan have put just one percent of their assets into the world’s leading...

MicroStrategy offering completed

MicroStrategy's Offering Surged $635 M


On Friday, major business analytics organization MicroStrategy informed about the completion of a $650 Million contribution of 0.75% convertible senior notes. This means the firm must return funds to the participants at a rate of 0.75% annually, beginning from June 2021 and lasting through June...

TSX listed  the first Eth Fund product

Eth-based Fund Functions in Canada with $76 M Surged


Toronto Stock Exchange has officially listed the first Ethereum-powered Fund product, which got over $76.5 M from capitalists. On Thursday authorities announced that the Ether Fund has finished its initial public offering of 7,240,000 Class A Units and Class F Units. the fundraiser managed by the...

Ray Dalio about BTC

Investor Ray Dalio Calls BTC an Alternative to Gold


American billionaire, hedge fund manager Ray Dalio finds that Bitcoin can offer protection against the "depreciating value of money". Dalio seems to have changed his mind towards Bitcoin. During his recent AMM session on Reddit, the investor recognized the leading crypto asset as an...

Interest in Ether is growing 07.12.2020

Interest in Ether is Growing, Grayscale Informs


The managing director at Grayscale Investments LLC, Michael Sonnenshein informed that a growing number of people are paying attention to Ethereum. This year, a new group of institutional investors who are Ethereum-first and sometimes Ethereum-only joined in. This shows that people started to trust...

Guide for investing in cryptocurrencies (Part 1)

Guide for investing in cryptocurrencies (Part 1)


The crypto environment is evolving extremely fast nowadays. Nearly everyone heard about cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, but not everyone exactly understands what these coins are and why they're growing so popular. On the other hand, there are lots of those who're investing in crypto and are...

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