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Nicholas Maduro

Maduro announces crypto casino to relief Petro


President of Venezuela Maduro proclaimed the founding of a new crypto casino in a beaten country where betting rooms have all but gone dead. Maduro said that a new casino is going to be in Ávila National Park’s Hotel Humboldt. The new casino is going to work on Venezuela's national crypto coin...

President of Venezuela

Venezuela’s President Maduro promised to revive Petro Coin


During his speech on the Constituent Assembly on January 14, Nicholas Maduro vowed to renew the country's flunked crypto coin for everything from federal payments to oil purchases. He mentioned that state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA is going to begin negotiations of 5000 barrels in Petros...

Nicolas Maduro

Maduro: Venezuela will activate a crypto payment method soon


President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro said in a press conference that the government of his country uses cryptocurrencies as a method for free international and national payments. During the press conference on 30 September, Maduro said that Venezuela is cooperating within the crypto world and...

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