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Ethereum mining 2019

Ethereum miners “dug up” $936 million in 2019: 75% less 2018


According to The Block researchers, last year Ethereum miners mined $936 million worth of cryptocurrency. The decline compared to the previous period was about 75%. Largely due to the advent of ASIC devices, the air hash rate reached a historic maximum in August 2018 at around 292 TH/s. After that,...

Arcane Research bitcoin

Arcane Research: cryptocurrency “fear and greed index” rose


A recent Arcane Research report says that amid a recent 9,500 bitcoin test, the crypto “fear and greed index” rose to last August's. The index has been growing since mid-December amid a general recovery in prices for many crypto assets. This indicates a growing optimism among market...

Chainalysis bitcoin darknet

Chainalysis: the popularity of bitcoin grows on the darknet


Chainalysis researchers concluded that the use of bitcoin on the darknet, including for the purchase of drugs, continues to grow. In a new report, the firm said that during the fourth quarter of last year, the volume of transactions with bitcoin on darknet markets amounted to $600 million. The...

Chinese blockchain investments

In 2019 China’s total investments in blockchain dropped 40%


The newest investigation shows blockchain spending in spheres of investment and funding ventures has lost the upper 40% in China during the last year. China had 245 funding and investment ventures in 2019 altogether, which is almost 60% less than in 2018. China's government held a study with...

Bitcoin SV research

Arcane Research: Craig Wright provoked a Bitcoin SV pump?


Arcane Research analysts published a report, in which they shared their thoughts on the reasons for the recent Bitcoin SV rally, which grew by almost 200% in 7 days. The Weekly Update: 2017 sentiments are back in the crypto market, as altcoins register wild gains. Read more about this and other...

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