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SEC plans to acquire tools for analyzing smart contracts


The US Securities and Exchange Commission plans to acquire tools for analyzing smart contracts. On July 30, the regulator announced its intention to conclude a contract for the purchase of "tools for analyzing smart contracts in a distributed ledger." The SEC announced its interest in...

Li Wenliang smart contract

Smart contract given to dead doctor who alerted coronavirus


A smart contract was created on the basis of Ethereum, dedicated to Li Wenliang, a Chinese doctor, who was the first to warn of an impending coronavirus epidemic. He died in a hospital in Wuhan the day before yesterday. The smart contract code contains a biography of the deceased doctor. The...

Gendarmerie Tezos

French gendarmerie reports about using Tezos blockchain


The French Gendarmerie Cybercrime Center (C3N) uses the Tezos blockchain. The agency launched its first smart contract in September. According to a press release, C3N uses blockchain to control the costs incurred during investigations. “This is one of the first examples of how a government...

RSK buys Taringa

RSK startup buys Spanish social media platform Taringa


RSK a Bitcoin smart contract startup, which describes itself as the “first open-source smart contract platform secured by the bitcoin network”, announced that it is buying Spanish social media platform Taringa. The connection of two companies will let users share their content and get rewards...

smart contracts' vulnerabilities to hacker attacks

Half of the pilot projects and more than 70% of smart contracts contain vulnerabilities to hacker...


The active introduction of blockchain technologies by financial organizations threatens their security, to the point of complete loss of control over critical resources. This was published in a report by the company Positive Technologies, which specializes in cybersecurity. Half of the pilot...

Waves launched programming language

Waves launched a programming language for smart contracts creation in the core network


The decentralized blockchain-ecosystem Waves Platform has launched its own programming language RIDE on the core network. With its help, developers will be able to create smart contracts and full-fledged decentralized applications, site representatives told ForkLog. According to the developers,...

What is Ethereum

What is Ethereum


Clarification For both: the platform and the cryptocurrency working on it people use the word “Ethereum”. But the coin is also called ether. Therefore, in order not to get confused, let's stick to this option....

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