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66% of Internet users support taxation of digital assets


66% of Internet users favor digital asset taxation, according to a survey by Childly. This was stated in a press release. The study involved 5750 users from around the globe. According to the survey, 48% of respondents believe that digital assets are required to be taxable, 18% support the idea of ...

Spain tax Bitcoin investors

Spain: a fourfold increase of Bitcoin investors


The Spanish Tax Agency will send notifications to taxpayers who carry out operations with cryptocoins. The agency noted that over the year their number has quadrupled. This is reported by Europa Press. For the first time, Spanish crypto investors received notifications from the tax last year, their...

Australia tax Bitcoin traders

Australian tax regulator will check 350,000 Bitcoin traders


Australia's tax regulator will remind crypto traders of tax liability. This will happen by sending emails or regular letters, reports Since cryptocurrencies are considered a form of ownership in the country, they fall under the law on capital gains tax. This means that all operations,...

New Zealand crypto taxation

New Zealand wants to exempt crypto from double taxation


The Tax Administration of New Zealand may refuse to apply tax to cryptocurrencies on goods and services. The document indicates the rapid development of the crypto sector. At the same time, digital assets cannot be unambiguously called an investment product, which makes it difficult to apply the...

IRS crypto startups tax

US authorities to discuss taxation with crypto startups


The U.S. IRS has announced plans to host a summit with cryptocurrency startups to discuss an approach to taxing digital assets. This was reported by Bloomberg Tax. The summit is expected to be held on March 3 at IRS headquarters in Washington. During the meeting, four-panel discussions will take...

Internal Revenue Service

Crypto investors receive new income-reporting rules from IRS


Internal Revenue Service sent new guidance to cryptocurrency holders. The IRS published two documents (a ruling and a question-and-answer paper) on Wednesday. This is the first guidance since 2014, and it contains information about expected methods of reports about income from cryptocurrencies....

OhioCrypto suspension

Ohio state stops accepting tax payments in bitcoins


Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprag announced the suspension of the web service, which allowed companies registered in the region to pay taxes in bitcoins. Ohio opened the opportunity for businesses to pay taxes with cryptocurrency in November 2018. The service was organized in partnership...

Singapore’s proposal is to end cryptocurrencies’ GST taxation

Singapore’s proposal is to end cryptocurrencies’ GST taxation


The taxation agency of Singapore’s government is suggesting to remove goods and services tax from cryptocurrency actions that are serving as a medium of exchange. On July 5 The IRAS published an e-Tax draft guide for regulating the Digital payment tokens sector. If this draft starts to officially...

The Internal Revenue Service of the US will soon present an updated guide related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The Internal Revenue Service of the US will soon present an updated guide related to Bitcoin and ...


In the next few weeks, the Internal Revenue Service of the US is expected to present an updated version of its guidelines, which have a connection to the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Changes to the document were made under pressure from a group of more than 20 congressmen, who in April...

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