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Russia, Israel, Pavel's Fan Club: who are TON's investors


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) repeatedly appealed to the court with a request to receive evidence from John Hyman, whom Pavel Durov Telegram CEO called the chief investment adviser of the company and the person “involved in the distribution of Gram tokens”. It is reported by...

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Telegram will pay $235000 to developers of solutions for TON


Representatives of the Telegram messenger reported that a prize fund of $235,000 will be distributed among 41 participants in the TON project solution developers contest. The largest winnings $28,750 will be received by Sexy Chameleon, who worked on asynchronous payment channels and a multisig...

TON investors refund

TON investors don't demand back money invested in project


Investors of both rounds of financing the TON project, by a majority vote, refused to demand a return on the money invested in the project and agreed to wait until the blockchain platform was launched until April, Forbes sources said. Investors in the TON blockchain platform approved the delayed...

TON GRAM Coinbase

Coinbase custody adds TON's GRAM token support


The custodial division of Coinbase announced its readiness to add support for GRAM tokens of the upcoming Telegram Open Network project. In addition to GRAM, Coinbase Custody is going to add Solana (SOL) and Orchid (OXT) coins after launching the respective networks. Company representatives...

Telegram Open Network

TON blockchain is near to a planned launch in late October


Telegram Open Network addressed emails to its investors from which it’s becoming evident that the blockchain is near to a projected launch. Chief Technology Officer of TON Labs Mitja Goroshevskiy confirmed the talks about an email and added that the startup is going to run and control TON’s...

Blackmoon will list TON

Telegram vice president's Blackmoon will sale Gram token


Gram tokens will appear on the Blackmoon platform's exchange, which Pavel Durov's messenger Telegram plans to release as part of its Telegram Open Network (TON) project. This was reported to by a representative of the Blackmoon Financial Group. One of the founders of the Blackmoon Financial...

TON's ICO investor The9 Ltd

The first foreign investor of Telegram Open Network (TON) is a Chinese company


Shanghai The9 Ltd invested $2 million in the blockchain project of Pavel Durov during the ICO held in 2018. This is the first publicly known foreign investor of the project. The Chinese company The9 Ltd during the closed ICO (initial coin offering the initial placement of cryptocurrency coins) of...

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